Asheville Election 2017


School Wide Election

We registered to vote and then voted on Election Day.  The second grade ran the school wide election and it was fabulous!


Soil Buddies

Taira from Buncombe County Soil and Water came and taught us about soils and then helped us with our soil buddy projects.  This was a seed starter activity.  Check out some cool pictures!

img_3849 img_3850 img_3851 img_3852 img_3853

Veggie Monsters and a Reader’s Theatre

img_3702 img_3703 img_3705

Thursday and Friday were celebrated spooky kind of way- with a FEAST class, where first graders made amazing Veggie Monsters out of delicious vegetables and a performance of their reader’s theater “There Was An Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything”.

Author Visit

Lauren Wohl came and retold her new book, “The Teeny Tiny Halloween”.  What a great book!



Fridays are for Science labs and computers!


img_3622 img_3617 img_3619 img_3620

Time Capsule

First grade buried the time capsule!  It included toys, cell phones, pictures, and writing from the first graders!  Check out some pictures.  We will dig for our treasure in 2024 when the first graders are 8th graders— where X marks the spot 🙂  Everyone had a chance to fill the hole and stomp on it!


img_3570 img_3572

Apple Orchard

img_3547      img_3531

The first graders got to enjoy an amazing field trip to Skytop Orchard.  The air was crisp and it felt like fall.  The students enjoyed a presentation, a hay ride to and from the orchard where they picked Pink Ladies, Granny Smith, and Macintosh apples.  They got to play on the playground, see the farm animals, and venture through the bamboo forest.  (The rest of my pictures are not posting. Will try again later).


Mad Science!

Science lab has started!  We put on our (imaginary) white coats, gloves, goggles, and science boots and received our science notebooks.


For our first lab, we learned about yucky blucky germs and how to keep our bodies healthy!  We tested out our germs and used hand sanitizer and warm soap and water to see which cleaned our germs best.  We found warm water and soap does a better job.  Ask your child about our germs science lab.


We have also been preparing for our trip to the orchard. We dissected an apple and learned all of its parts.  We used our 5 senses to record our findings from our taste testing.  We tried: Fuji, Red Delicious, Braeburn, and Gingergold.  Ask your child which ones they enjoyed.

Welcome to First Grade!

First grade has started off really nicely!  I want to say a special thank you to Elana, Cory, and Jennie W. for helping with the class while I was taking a few extra weeks with my boys.

First grade has had lots of guided discovery and are learning how to play together, learn together, and how to care for the tools and each other. On Fridays, Cory taught us how to play chess and the kids are great chess players!

Check out some of our pictures from our guided discovery and chess club!

img_3398 img_3400 img_3443 img_3445 img_3446  img_3448 img_3449   img_3452   img_3458-1      img_3475